What is visualization in the context of POT-WHC’s program?

In the Points program visualization is a tool used to aid each client individually imagine aspects of their growth in a positive and constructive manner. Elements are taken from each session’s theme and homework to expand with the client and to give clarity and focus on specific aspects.

Health challenges and concerns are addressed via the stages of change using both 1-way and 2-way visualization methods; which is the coach guiding the client and the reciprocal dialogue between coach and client – specific as stated above.

Visualization can be considered and used as an intersection point with development of inward-intuition 🡪 a magnification of the learning-to-listen-with-clarity skillset.


What is F-M-I and how is it used?

This is an acronym which stands for Food Management Information. As it may pertain to each client; efficacious information will be studied, shared and explored objectively. The application of the information will be discussed and strategized. Additionally, selection of strategies may include further consultation with other professionals, such as a primary care provider, nutritionist or pharmacist, as well as any other provider in the client’s health circle. 


What does: “… appropriate movement protocols” mean?

The best evidence regarding various types of methods of movement is explored. Strategies to perform, practice and develop while reducing risk of harm are initiated in an incremental manner. If indicated, other professionals such as licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified personal trainers, physicians can be consulted with to support the client simultaneously while participating in the Points program.


Does POT-WHC have a preference towards specific methods?

Points takes an open minded and individually – specific approach. Additionally, Points views a collaborative approach, using multiple disciplines as the best practice, most comprehensive and effective way to guide a client.


How long is the Points program and is it the same for everyone?

The basic program spans 6 months. However, it is suggested that many, if not most individuals engage for 1 year due to the nature of physiological mechanisms, explorations and sustenance methods that can be strengthened over time. The phase II portion, is the 2nd 6 months in which it’s assumed that the individual has gained new skills during phase I. During phase II these skills are deepened /crystalized and expanded. These skills are applied practically; performed throughout the day as well as applied situationally. It is considered performance in real time as opposed to “practice”. Although, the practice time does support performance level experience. This holds true for both the individual program and the group program.

If desired, a client may participate in both group and individual programs either simultaneously or consecutively.

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