Why Points of Transformation?

Your health is the most important asset you have. Best idea ever is to invest in it. Grow your own HEALTH-AUTONOMY. 

What’s the difference between learning and training? There is much research on this topic; talk about performing any one task 10,000 times in order to learn a new skill and put it into “muscle memory” – is a good place to start. Let’s recognize how our brains and bodies work from multiple viewpoints. What about the mind? I’ve heard that since body - movement is what our muscles, bones and nerves do; thoughts and emotions are what our brains do. How do we know our brains are healthy? As a physical therapist I have worked with many individuals who have suffered many different types of brain injuries. There is usually some type of comorbidity of personality or psychological impairment which goes along with the brain damage. So too is the possibility that whole-body ailments, hormonal and microbiome dysregulation can strongly influence mental wellness. From studying traditional Chinese medicine I’ve learned that these two areas (usually referred to as the mind/ body) are interdependent. They work on and influence each other. Currently, it really should be described NOT as mind/ body, but as brain/ body because the brain is the organ which is influenced and does the influencing; the mind is not an organ. What ‘the mind’ does is primarily influenced by a myriad of factors, such as its own bio chemistry, which is then influenced by the microbiome of the gut, which is then influenced by environmental factors such as nutrition and other perhaps unfriendly chemicals; not to mention societal, cultural and family influences. This also includes the negative effects of substance abuse, long term use of specific medications, environmental toxins and imbalances in the gut microbiome along with chronic type infections and the possible biotoxins they can produce. Put it all together and what do you get? A lot of biological and physiological confusion and the side effects of chronic type illnesses. There are massive increases currently of autoimmune conditions, autism disorders and metabolic disorders: off the charts!!! As a physical therapist I receive individuals downstream of the onset of these conditions and I always wonder what can be done to either offset the onset of the condition or at least minimize it – NOT JUST TREAT THE SYMPTOMS OR APPLY A BANDAID…….

In other words, in order to make true health transformations it is necessary to get all the above into a hierarchy of priorities and create a forward moving experience of one transition after another which all intersect and support each other. All the while the individual is training and practicing, evolving in a natural way. Evolving and learning how to truly respect and listen to what their body is telling their mind and not the other way around. The mind is greatly influenced by the biology and physiology which supports its existence.  The mind is also externally influenced and bombarded by our mostly deceptive, non-centered nor grounded in truth, and materially based images and values that can and do dishearten and depress many of us. Realizing this means that at any given time, for an individual to exist in a healthy present – moment they must be and learn to be supported both internally and externally from many different points. Learning how to listen and be respectful to yourself on an honest and profound level is paramount. This is a process of learning/ practicing “to be” and is included in the POT-WHC program. A favorite quote by Eckhart Tolle: “Waiting is a state of mind. Basically, it means that you want the future; you don’t want the present. With every kind of waiting, you unconsciously create inner conflict between your now and the projected future. This greatly reduces the quality of your life by making you lose the present.”

The POT-WHC program is experiential. It is individual specific and is open minded and non-biased while it explores the best evidence available in each area. It encourages the individual to transform naturally and permanently as an independent autonomous free thinker. For example, POT-WHC doesn’t use the term “weight-loss” and doesn’t encourage the ideology behind that term. It is believed that the commercial entities which allude to this way of thinking are entrapping individuals and fostering the need to be dependent and fearful rather than self-confident, hopeful, and self-assured. The ability to manipulate the subconscious mind is powerful and commercial entities use it to their full advantage. So also do large conglomerate food manufacturers use the science of taste deception to trick our taste buds! Read the “The Dorito Effect” by Mark Schatzker. The public is at the mercy of ignorant terms such as “weight-loss” and “calorie-counting”.  Have you experienced losing a loved one? Have you lost your dog and looked high and low to find her? Loosing anything meaningful has negative associations which is one reason why so many people “gain back weight” they lost. This so-called weight is near and dear to them for many different personal reasons; some of which they may not even realize consciously. There are more aspects to consider; muscle weighs more than fat, most people want to lose fat and increase muscle. Collectively we don’t use the term “DECREASE WEIGHT” we say, “lose weight”. What we lose; we must find or try to find again. This term has been embedded in our collective subconscious. When people “lose weight,” they lose both fat and muscle, so the expression “lose weight“ is both unhealthy and unrealistic and leaves us all neurotic. Do most people have too much muscle? No. Another concept: we blame the fat for being the problem. This is a misconception (and at best a partial truth). The extra adipose (fat) tissue is a result of a dysregulated metabolism (in most individuals); it is our bodies way to manifest an imbalance. Fat, also known as adipose tissue, does have its own metabolic expression: its own secretion of biochemicals, such as hormones that play important roles in our bodies. Ever hear of adiponectin? Additionally, there is no need to disguise (call it by another name) nor redress the idea of calorie counting. Our human physiology is way too complex for it to be that simple. We do need to consider why and how there is such a problem in our modern society and how it has come about that we believe we need to count calories, macros, points and measure portion sizes. The fact that there are edible items which are so overly abundant in some areas, with food deserts in other areas, coupled with the presence of food that is sickeningly processed with such a lack of both biological and nutritional accountability is insane and over whelming to think about and unravel! “Everything in moderation” doesn’t work. How come? Why are so many people constantly hungry 🡪 answer: because we are not able to burn fat due to the overwhelming presence of insulin (from ‘everything in moderation’ carbohydrate consumption). Insulin uses glucose as an energy source. Insulin will not allow you to burn fat; which is also why triglycerides are high…. If you’re adapted to burning fat, your triglycerides will be low. We need to take a deep, deep, deep look at what this all means. Do you enjoy watching people drink slow-poison or eat industrial by-products?  I don’t. But once we learn exactly what is in front of us, that is what we see. The term, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is the sad state of affairs in our current populace. The deception is that the outcome of our collective ignorance is NOT bliss; it’s devastating healthcare costs and worse, individual suffering!

A word about exercise, outer appearance and aging: how much time do you need to devote to “exercise”? How much water should you drink? How much body fat percentage is healthy? How healthy is it to obsess over how you look from the outside? What does healthy aging look like? I’m vain just like the average gal or guy. But I do hold myself accountable to keep it real and so too, this is a guiding principle throughout this program. That doesn’t mean I believe we should be passive about growing old; to the contrary, we need to be more proactive in everything we do. In order to ‘keep it real’ let’s examine the following scenario from another perspective. Have you heard of the popular nationwide gym-class called silver-sneakers? It’s a great class for senior citizens and as a physical therapist I think it has its merits. But, the funny thing about it, is that I rarely, if ever, see instructors that are over age 65 or 70 years old; yet these young bodied instructors are teaching older bodied individuals. So lets keep it real. What is wrong with this picture and what is this telling the people who are taking this class? Isn’t there anyone my age that is able to move well enough to teach the class? It doesn’t make sense to me at all. It should be a requirement that the teacher is at least 60 years old; no, make it 70 years old! Now that would be inspiring! Do you know what a ‘TOFI’ is? This is an acronym for Thin Outside, Fat Inside. A person can look thin on the outside but have massive amounts of adipose tissue surrounding the internal organs; this is a sign of illness. Ever heard of non-alcoholic fatty liver (also known as Steatohepatitis or hepatic steatosis)? I’ve heard many individuals say, when they get a diagnosis of cancer,  “well I’m healthy otherwise”. Diseases take time to develop inside us. By the time we get a diagnosis of cancer or Alzheimer’s dementia, or diabetes, we’ve already had the disease process occurring for months to years (depending on the disease). Yes, you can drink too much water and yes you can be too lean, and look really fit, but not be healthy. Ever heard of a CAC scan, also known as a calcification scan? CAC stands for coronary artery calcium score. There are marathon runners that are amazing slim and trim athletes but, when scanned, can show to have very high calcification scores! High calcification scores are a marker for high risk for heart disease occurrences. So, let’s keep it real!

 Hope is attracted to light – so follow the light that points to Points Health Coaching: POT-WHC. 

The three pillars of the program are appropriate individualized movement protocols, personalized food -management - information (FMI) and support of the brain-mind physiology which points to methods of how to change motivations and perspectives.

- improve health

- imporve metabolism

- weight loss