Creator and developer of POT-WHC, Kim Tuber Butters was born 1955, and raised in New York City. Kim fell in love with dance in 9th grade while taking an introductory Syvilla Fort technique (AFRO-MODERN STYLE) dance class at the Manhattan YMCA. While initially working on her BFA in dance at SUNY Purchase, Kim studied Pilates with the well know instructor Romana Kryzanowska in NYC in the 1970’s, as well as studying many forms of Yoga throughout the decades. After dancing professionally with 2 small dance troupes and belonging to the artist-model union as a working artist model, she decided to finish college. Kim had multiple areas of study occurring simultaneously and there was an emphasis in psychology, sociology and anthropology in her first bachelor’s degree; as well as the many science courses required as prerequisite to apply to physical therapy school.

  • Graduated City College – CUNY, Harlem, NY – BFA Dance, Minor Science

  • Graduated New York University, Manhattan, NY – BS in Physical Therapy, Licensed in NY; current PT license in NM

  • Physical Therapist Licensure: Current

Kim relocated to New Mexico, settled in Rio Rancho, then Albuquerque in 1991 where she continued to practice physical therapy in several different healthcare institutions such as hospitals, out-patient clinics, rehab centers, traditional homecare, nursing homes, and schools. She worked as a licensed physical therapist in a prison treating individuals that were incarcerated. Divorced and raising 2 sons, Kim opened Wholistic Physical Therapy Inc agency which provides community based physical therapy services to adults with developmental disabilities in 1999.

Kim has been a practicing licensed physical therapist for 30+ years with a very diverse background of study- certifications and experience as you will see as you read on. Kim is currently the president of Wholistic Physical Therapy, Inc located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

No hype here health decline and POINTS of transformation
My Personal Perspective:

Noticing symptoms of chronic post-exertional fatigue, joint pain, insomnia and anxiety, I sought out treatment and advice from both traditional and non-traditional practitioners such as medical doctors, counselors, certified nurse practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors of oriental medicine. Many treatments were received, some more helpful than others. However, the symptoms persisted and became debilitating much of the time, making it difficult to be productive throughout the day.

Being a biohacker (a person who is inquisitive enough about the root cause of illness to try  and/ or experiment with different modalities) by nature and a life-long learner, I continued to seek answers and deepen my understanding of the disease processes affecting me. Hearing Dr. David Perlmutter, author of “Grain Brain” and Dr. Paul Saladino the author of "The Carnivore Code" as well are reading several other books describing the inflammatory responses our bodies can have to many of the foods we commonly eat was a game – changer for me. Having been a vegetarian and a pescatarian for several decades, I questioned if this was the best nutrition available (for me). Hearing for many years about gluten – free diets yet being doubtful regarding the efficacy and science to support these diets, I investigated further.  I wanted to improve my health and remain opened to reasonable options. An elimination of all wheat from my diet was initiated and within 7 days there was a marked and noticeable decline in the joint pain in both knees. This was the first of many, many, many shifts and changes, points of transformation, that were made which all resulted in positive outcomes. The results were beyond belief and this triggered a hunger (no pun intended) for more knowledge in the area of nutrition, as well as advanced study in forms of self-healing/ brain-body connection. Immersing myself to this day with reading books, taking continuing education seminars and listening to podcasts about physiology, nutrition, genetics, neurology and various types of medical applications, I have added to my body of knowledge. This is incorporated into my current physical therapy practice as well, such as using light therapy in the form of near infrared light for healing and pain reduction. Practicing what I preach and leading by example, as far as investigating reasonable options for relevant medical procedures which are out of the ordinary, so to speak,  I underwent controversial treatments as follows: stem-cell injection treatments using my own blood (platelet rich plasma - PRP), bone marrow and adipose tissue to treat advanced hip osteo arthritis and surgical jawbone debridement of cavitations with root canal extractions (& stem-cell application) from a biological dentist. More points of transformation ensued from these procedures. Two standout certifications that are of personal meaning and which makes health- coaching a natural point of transformation for me:

  • Certification:  Exercise Nutrition Coaching 2018 Certification: current

  • Certification: BLOOD-FLOW-RESTRICTION TRAINING : current


Also, with exceptional meaning to me is the study of biofeedback and visualization.

The exercise nutrition coaching certification has an emphasis on current coaching techniques; the biofeedback and visualization uses a deep state of relaxation to strengthen self-awareness thereby supporting a more natural state of being and increasing the ability to exist in the present moment.  This supports stress reduction. I have developed my own style of visualization which is both 1-way and 2-way visualization. 2-way visualization asks for the listener’s participation so there develops an exchange of thought and energy during the interviewing process.

Points of Transformation- Wholistic Health Coaching is an eclectic fusion and compilation of knowledge, experience, best practices with diverse disciplines unified to assist individuals transform in a natural and permanent way. This allows for improved health and quality of life.